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The Fyrefly is a nocturnal hideaway, located just down the stairs at the Newmarket Hotel.

The intimate atmosphere between artists and music lovers paired with great food create an unrivalled dining and entertainment experience.

The Fyrefly plays host to a huge variety of music styles including jazz, soul, funk, RnB, and even comedy.

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CD LAUNCH “Sometimes I wonder where I am”

 After almost two decades of living in remote communities in Australia, working with underprivileged Indigenous children so that they may tell their stories through writing, singing and recording their original songs, Melbourne-born musician Chris Aitken poignantly tells his own stories based on his experiences and observations in his second CD, titled “Sometimes I Wonder Where I Am”, which he will launch at The Fyrefly, St Kilda on Friday, August 23.

A multi-instrumentalist (he plays guitar, ukulele, drums and harmonica) and former Melbourne Demons footballer, Chris recorded the album accompanied by an accomplished backing band featuring his brother Wilbur Wilde on sax, Jason Vorherr on bass, Anthony Barnhill on piano, guitarist Rob Muinos and daughter Holly Shoar on violin and backing vocals.

Each of the ten thought-provoking songs on the CD gives you a “fly on the wall” experience. Says Chris, ‘My inspiration for the title track, “Sometimes I Wonder Where I Am” came as I watched a young 16 year old Aboriginal girl walking with her boyfriend and father of their two children - a two-year old and a nine month old - pushing a pram along a muddy dirt road in the rain on Melville Island.

‘Just imagine standing in awe, watching a Kimberley sunset stretch over the entire horizon where the only sound you can hear is the laughter of children way in the distance, in Fitzroy Crossing (We Gotta Place Here); or a homeless elderly woman lying in a street in King’s Cross on a cold winter’s night as the people just walk by (Lying In The Street Tonight).

‘Or the hopeless feeling of having no voice as refugees, isolated in detention are “demonised”; and where families have been torn apart by the very wars that we have been involved in but take no responsibility for and now, where young children are given little hope to make their way in the world (Don’t Cry For Me).

‘You may have been let down at some time in your life by the people you thought were your friends but really, it simply gives an opportunity to find something out about who they really are and what they stand for yet, as we all know, it only takes one true friend to make life worthwhile (A Real Friend Is Never Far Away).

‘You may find it alarming that our new way of conversing (emails, texts, social media) gives little opportunity for a real conversation to take place (We Don’t Talk To Each Other Anymore).

‘Or the uncertainty of life for a young male who loses track of what really matters, caught up in a sometimes “shallow” world, simply trying to fit in, but into what? (All Good, Everything’s Fine)

‘Or a song that was written in 1980 about a young man on a neverending journey, searching for the answers that one may never find (Roadside Café - acknowledgement to Bill Denning for his contribution to this song).

‘Life is a mixture of simplicity and complexity. It takes time to work out what is needed to be nourished as a human being and the decisions that we make along the way (In My Own Time).

The tragedy that can sometimes unfold for people who find themselves “Just A Few Bucks Down” in this rather crazy, unpredictable world.

‘And finally, the reality of the subtle breakdown of the human body as we continue to confront our mortality, yet surprisingly, no matter what the age, we still continue to passionately experience everything that makes us human (When It’s All Said And Done, A Life’s Still Young).’

A La Carte Menu available 

 Any unsold tickets will be available at the door on the night for an extra $5

Doors open/ Dinner: 7:00 PM
The show starts: 8:30 PM

The fyrefly
34 Inkerman St, St Kilda