The Fyrefly

The Fyrefly is a nocturnal hideaway, located just down the stairs at the Newmarket Hotel.

The intimate atmosphere between artists and music lovers paired with great food create an unrivalled dining and entertainment experience.

The Fyrefly plays host to a huge variety of music styles including jazz, soul, funk, RnB, and even comedy.

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Geoff Achison Trio

Guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and instructor, Australia’s favorite Blues Fusion Ambassador Geoff Achison, with his band is playing at The Fyrefly!

Geoff is known for his live performances that embrace a variety of musical styles. He explores a myriad of themes from love & loss to politics and philosophy. He is an award-winning guitarist and songwriter who was honoured in 2011 as official Patron Of The Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society. Having a solid foundation within the blues genre, his music has been compared to major artists such as Eric Clapton, JJ Cale and The Allman Brothers Band. Besides his music awards, he has been celebrated in 'Australian Guitar Magazine's' Top 50 Guitarists and True Fire's '100 Guitarists You Should Know'.

Geoff was raised in a Victorian country town with parents who were passionate music lovers. It was not until Geoff famously discovered a forgotten old guitar beneath the stairwell, his trumpet-playing father enthusiastically found him a guitar teacher. His first gigs were with his father's dance band where he displayed promise enough to attract the attention of local jazz musician Alan Watson. Through his new mentor, he was exposed to jazz and improvisation. At Watson's suggestion, Geoff temporarily switched to bass-guitar, which provided him with a greater understanding of the rhythm section.

After gaining valuable experience as a bassist Geoff developed a keen interest in American blues and returned to the six-stringed guitar with renewed vigour. He focused on the groove and sought to develop his own musical voice with an inventive, rhythmic style. In rural isolation, he was mostly unaware of the electronic effects employed by some guitarists and devised some of his own techniques to emulate the sounds of echo, delay, tremolo and wah-wah pedals which added to his unique playing style.

The fyrefly
34 Inkerman St, St Kilda